chapter  10
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Feminist Pedagogy and Personal Engagement in Higher Education

WithBarbara Körner

In this chapter, the author offers reflections on her teaching practice in Higher Education, collected and refined while teaching a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in different settings and disciplines, at three institutions in the South West of England. She introduces some of the fundamental conflicts that have arisen from a conjunction of feminism and the academy since the 1970s. The author explores the different epistemology underlying a personally engaged, feminist teaching approach in Higher Education, by examining consciousness-raising as an evolving concept of communication which is able to incorporate attention to difference and power relations. She presents a reflexive account of her teaching experience, identifying specific practices under the headings of lecturer engagement, student engagement, and engagement with each other, or group process. The author argues that the possibility and importance of a personally engaged pedagogy in Higher Education at the present time.