chapter  11
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Offensive and Defensive: Student Support and Higher Education Evaluation

WithJen Marchbank, Gayle Letherby

In this chapter, the authors examine the interconnections amongst and between current methods of evaluation in Higher Education, modes of student support and our roles and identifications as feminist pedagogues. They are concerned with issues of student evaluation of tutors and teachers and student support provided by and/or expected of tutors and teachers by students and by the institution. The authors draw on their own experience and those of colleagues at their own and other similar institutions. A major aspect of contemporary Higher Education is quality assurance induced and management monitored check systems such as Teaching Quality Assessment and Research Assessment Exercise. Various support systems have been introduced into Higher Education institutions providing for both student support and feedback. In many institutions each module, staff member and course/programme is assessed by the simple system of issuing students with a multitude of computer generated and read questionnaires.