chapter  18
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A Feminist, Collaborative Process of Academic Development

WithValerie A. Clifford

The collaborative process illustrated offers an opportunity for all academics to focus on educational philosophies, to explore them in the company of others, some struggling with new jargon and new frameworks and some familiar with them. The challenges are to explore the portability of these processes, and the embedding of such processes in institutional policy. In 1991 women academics made up 22 per cent of full-time academics and 48 per cent of part-time academics. In New Zealand the increase in student numbers has raised the number of women students to equal that of men students, and increased the diversity of students attending tertiary education, from within and from outside our country. The feminist process of professional development is embedded in women’s collaborative ways of working, and challenges people at any stage of their unfolding to work with others to push their own boundaries of understanding and practice.