chapter  2
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Transcending Boundaries: Women, Research and Teaching in the Academy

WithSue Jackson

This chapter argues that good research methodology relies on sound epistemology, and that feminist research epistemology delivers both a critique of assumed neutrality in traditional research and suggestions for good research practice. It shows that what determines ‘good research practice’ is guided by a male academic culture and institutional discrimination against women. The chapter outlines some issues of feminist research and epistemology and considers both the Research Assessment Exercise and the Institute for Learning and Teaching. It examines the position of women in research and teaching in Higher Education. The chapter also shows that many women are keen to transcend the boundaries of more traditional academic research and teaching, the gatekeepers of the academy ensure that the work of women academics remain undervalued, with severe effects on their career opportunities and development. A study by a consultancy firm to investigate women and research, which surveyed 11,000 researchers, found their results hampered.