chapter  8
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Pedagogies of, and for, Resistance

WithChristina Hughes

This chapter begins with an outline of the key concerns that are addressed by feminist teachers working with post-structuralist theory. This is because post-structuralism provides a framework for understanding issues of resistance that proved to be so problematic for the social learning theories of early second-wave thinking. The chapter presents several vignettes taken from post-structuralist pedagogic practice. It explores the paradoxical nature of resistance when it is viewed in terms of the liberatory philosophies that underpin feminism. E. Tisdell highlights four concerns that are central to feminist post-structural pedagogies: subject position as sexed, raced and classed; the construction of knowledge; which voices we hear and listen to; and authority. The chapter illustrates a variety of ways in which feminists place their responses to resistance in the classroom within post-structuralist pedagogic approaches. One of feminisms’ aims, for example, has been to expose the dominance/marginality of man/woman discourses.