chapter  12
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Further Notes on the Grouping of the Aquitanian Tropers

WithDavid G. Hughes

THE RECENT PUBLICATION of the article by Günther Weiss, “Zum Problem der Gruppierung südfranzösischer Tropare,” 1 is perhaps the first extended attempt to trace the complex relationships among the Aquitanian tropers. 2 The method employed is an admirable one: having observed that certain tropes appear in one source (or group of sources) with one melody, and elsewhere with another, Professor Weiss tabulates all such occurrences, assuming that manuscripts using the same melody are related to each other and are also differentiated from manuscripts using a different melody. On this basis, he finds that the tropers can be divided into three families: (1) Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fonds lat. 909, 1119, 1120, 1121, and 1240; (2) lat. 779, 903, 1084, 1118, and nouv. acq. lat. 1871; and (3) lat. 887 and Apt, Bibliothèque Sainte-Anne 17. 3