chapter  15
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From Tuotilo to the First Manuscripts: The Shaping of A Trope Repertory at Saint Gall*

WithSusan Rankin

Tuotilo serves as an appropriate starting point for a study of the Saint Gall trope repertory. The Saint Gall tropers date from a period considerably later than the time of composition of the earliest layers of the repertory, the gap can only be bridged through analysis of the manuscript sources and patterns of transmission, and by philological study. The repertory of proper tropes copied into Saint Gall Stiftsbibliothek 376, 378, 380 and 382 is to a high degree consistent from one manuscript to another, both in terms of the feasts for which tropes are provided, and the identity of the tropes themselves. In the light of the collecting enterprise represented by SG 484 and 381, the choice made by the editors of Corpus Troporum to place them at the head of the analytical tables in their volumes editing the proper trope repertory was extremely acute.