chapter  18
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Pax et Sapientia

A Thematic Study on Tropes from Different Traditions
WithGunilla Iversen

The writings of St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, Bede, Isidore and St. Jerome can, of course, be recognized echoing through trope texts from all regional traditions. But most importantly, a large number of ordinary tropes in the North West present theological expressions defining God primarily with abstract nouns such as pax, lux and sapientia, peace, light and wisdom. In this they illustrate their dependence on a long patristic tradition of theological thinking and stylistic method. The Trinitarian theme, treated in theological expositions, subject of intense discussion, is reflected in tropes from the Western tradition especially. There is a notable resemblance in the form of the Agnus Dei and the form of the litany as they are reflected in the Western and Italian sources, where different forms of the liturgical texts appear to reflect different liturgical traditions and theological thinking, as well as different aesthetic preferences.