chapter  10
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Zandanījī Identified?

WithD.G. Shepherd, W. Henning

A name which occurs in the sources, but which has been little remarked is that of Zandaniji, derived from the town of Zandane in the neighborhood of Bukhara. Merchants came from various places and carried those cloths, just as they brought Zandaniji, to Syria, Egypt, and the cities of Rum Today Zandaniji are everywhere more famous than that material. By great fortune, unique in the annals of the history of textiles, an inscription with the name Zandaniji has come to light on a textile that, perhaps, may therefore be assigned to this famous center. There are a number of technical features which link together the silks of Zandaniji I. The technical feature which distinguishes the group more decisively than any other is the peculiar character of the selvedges which are totally different than those known on any other textiles, including those of Zandaniji II.