chapter  1
The Legal Framework
Who is Entitled to Move?
ByElspeth Guild
Pages 35

This chapter discusses legal mechanisms. It builds on the work of Bommes and Geddes (2000) on immigration and the welfare state. The chapter states that the host Member State should ensure decent living conditions throughout the procedure for asylum applicants and accompanying family members. For nationals of the Member States, the introduction of citizenship of the Union in 1993 was intended to create a single framework for all nationals of the Member States and bring about an approximation of their rights in Community law. Tourists or visitors, for the purposes of European Union (EU) immigration law, are persons who move from one state to another without exercising economic activities as employed or self employed or acquiring infrastructure. Even within the legal framework of free movement of persons of the European Union, migrants are advantaged and disadvantaged by reference to their economic means when they leave home.