chapter  6
The Control of the Enemy Within? Police Intelligence in the French Suburbs (banlieues) and its Relevance for Globalization
ByLaurent Bonelli
Pages 16

On the contrary, Arjun Appadurai has explained that the processes of globalization are always culturally located in the micro-territories and that it is this level which gives its real significance to the processes at work, not the discourses about globalization as a social distribution of good or bad. This chapter analyzes the police surveillance of the enemy within, when the within is less and less related to national or even European border controls. It reflects on the constitution and the effects of the discourses and knowledge that (re)builds internal borders and justifies measures of exception. Security agencies played an important role in this social construction of the reality and in the framing of the social problems. The main set of knowledge relating to the banlieues and crime stem from police discourses. The chapter provides the framework for a moral and condescending discourse about the degeneration of working class families.