chapter  8
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Policing at a Distance

Schengen Visa Policies
ByDidier Bigo, Elspeth Guild

This chapter examines how the technologies of control are now far from the borders and could therefore be defined more precisely as remote control tools. It focuses on the European Union's (EU's) Schengen visa policy as the main example of current frontier control technologies as well as on their efficiency and legitimacy. The technologies of control are nowadays used abroad to police the people. This policing, however, is not carried out by official policemen. The chapter deals with the question of how transnational networks of professionals of (in)security of the European Union frontiers may transform the present control and surveillance situation. It analyzes the nature of their relationship with American professionals of politics and their policy. The chapter analyzes that the policies governing the issuing of visas and the developing of policing at a distance by the professionals of (in)security management.