chapter  10
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Prayer Requests in an English Cathedral, and a New Analytic Framework for Intercessory Prayer

ByTania ap Siôn

This chapter aims to describe and justify the approach taken by the ap Siôn Analytic Framework for Intercessory Prayer (apSAFIP), rooted within theoretical frameworks proposed by empirical theology, ordinary theology and the psychology of religion, and to review the findings of those initial studies through which the approach was developed. It also aims to apply the approach to a discrete sample of 1,658 prayer requests taken from over 10,000 prayer requests systematically harvested from Lichfield Cathedral over an 18-month period. Three main conclusions are drawn as a result of this process. Firstly, the apSAFIP worked well in the new intercessory prayer context of an English cathedral. Secondly, when the results of this study are compared with previous studies employing the apSAFIP a number of similarities and differences are found. Thirdly, it is recommended that more replications of studies using the apSAFIP.