chapter  3
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Defence Closure and Job Loss: The Case of Swan Hunter on Tyneside

ByJohn Tomaney, Andy Pike, James Cornford

This chapter reports the results of a survey of the experiences of former Swan Hunter Workers undertaken in 1995, two years after the receivers were called in. The largest single piece of equipment on the Ministry of Defence's naval shopping list in the early 1990s was a Landing Platform for Helicopters (LPH) and Swan Hunter was generally regarded as the front runner for the contract. The chapter explores the experiences of former Swan Hunter workers both quantitatively and, using the workers' comments, more qualitatively. Of the 1,645 respondents, 634 were unemployed at the time of the survey. A factor associated with unemployment is skill levels. A total of 171 of all the respondents had received some retraining and 47 were undertaking training or education at the time of the survey. Only 15 of the former Swan's workers who responded to the survey had left the labour market through retirement.