chapter  195
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Effect of yaw-moment control based on lateral jerk information on lane change task

WithJunya Takahashi, Makoto Yamakado, Keiichiro Nagatsuka, Seichi Sato, Naoki Hiraga, Daisuke Umetsu, Yasunori Takahara

“Moment Plus (M+)” is the yaw-moment control based on lateral jerk information, and the effect of M+ on lane change maneuver was studied from driver’s controllability point of view. The relation between steering speed and yaw angler acceleration was used as the index to evaluate the controllability of the vehicle. It was confirmed that M+ can improve the linearity of this index by combining with G-Vectoring Control, which is the longitudinal-acceleration control based on lateral jerk. This result indicates that M+ can be an useful application to reduce the steering control effort for lane change.