chapter  210
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Modeling hydro mounts in vehicles for durability load analyses, ride comfort and vehicle dynamics simulation

WithChristian Scheiblegger, Nantu Roy, Peter E. Pfeffer, Andrew Hillis

Hydraulically damped mounts and bushings are crucial for vehicle handling, ride comfort and noise vibration and harshness (NVH). Multi-body simulation (MBS) software is used to calculate loads and vibrations; where simple mount models lead to trade-offs in the overall vehicle simulation accuracy.

A model for many sorts of hydro mounts is presented. Accurate results are reached by correctly implementing the amplitude dependence of the mount’s underlying rubber parts.

The model is evaluated with experiments from a component test rig; with transient test signals from on-road durability events. Accuracy of full-vehicle simulation improves significantly, so that physical vehicle tests can be reduced to save costs and development time.