chapter  11
19 Pages

Healthy sport consumption

Moving away from pies and beer
WithKeith D. Parry, David Rowe, Emma S. George, Timothy J. Hall

This chapter provides an analysis of the role of food and drink in the Australian sports fan experience. It contextualises the modern sporting experience and recent shifts towards a more mediated consumption of sport while recognising the influences of tradition and masculinity on consumption patterns. The cost, quality, and healthiness of food and beverages are acknowledged as areas of dissatisfaction for fans. The potential for stadiums to play an important role in health promotion is discussed and the need for a holistic approach, incorporating measures such as a healthy eating policy, is highlighted. The sponsorship of venues by fast food and alcoholic beverage companies is identified as a key obstacle to stadium-based health promotion. The chapter concludes with a set of recommendations for venues to follow in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices.