chapter  12
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Healthy Stadia

A settings-based approach to health promotion
WithDaniel Parnell, Kathryn Curran, Matthew Philpott

Public health is a key priority for both developed and developing nations. Given its global appeal and reach, sport has been championed as a vehicle to deliver on public health agendas. At the same time, some amateur and professional sport clubs have been used to deliver health improvement interventions, with a number of examples of clubs and stadium operators also developing sports venues as health-promoting settings. The European Healthy Stadia Network (hereon Healthy Stadia) is a social enterprise based in the United Kingdom with over 300 members from a cross-section of European countries. Healthy Stadia endorses the concept of promoting public health through sports settings, and provides a platform to inform policy makers and promote good practice. This chapters aims to provide industry and research insights and considerations for promoting health at sport stadia settings through three case study examples, while offering some reflections for future interventions and research.