chapter  3
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What is this “physical” in physical cultural studies?

WithMichael D. Giardina, Joshua I. Newman

This chapter seeks to consider the body logics, "body pedagogics", and, ultimately, the "new body ontologies" of such a project while still in its formative stages. Sport scholars, body sociologists, posthumanist cultural anthropologists, those writing in dance, film, theater, labor, and media studies, critical race and feminist scholars, and numerous others will find many of the driving precepts of their own intellectual projects in our modest proposal. To engender significant heuristics of the subjugated and transformative body, it is necessary to wield theories, strategies, and epistemologies that account for the minutiae, the variations, and the complex formations of physical culture. A deeply articulative Physical Cultural Studies, to rephrase Carol Rambo Ronai, should engage in a "continuous dialectic of experience"; experience that is both constituent and constitutive of context, and through which we frame our discursively-constituted selves. It is necessary to "act as participants and performers in the meanings to elicit from the subordinated worlds to understand and intervene into, worlds.