chapter  15
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Asian Pear

ByKazem Arzani

Asian pears are also known as Japanese, Chinese, Oriental, sand, and apple pears (Arzani, 2008). The Chinese and Japanese pear cultivars were developed from Pyrus ussuriensis, P. serotina Rehd. Synonym P. pyrifolia. Hu (1937), as cited by Crisosto (2016), included the Chinese cultivars ‘Tsu Li’ and ‘Ya Li’ under the binomial P. bretschneideri Rehd. In addition, there are numerous Asian pear (P. serotina) cultivars such as ‘Nijisseiki’ (‘20th Century’), ‘Seigyoku,’ ‘Shinseiki,’ and ‘Chojuro,’ that are commercially grown in different countries, some of which have been introduced to Iran (Arzani, 2002; Arzani, 2005; Arzani, 2017).