chapter  6
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Gender in Game Localization

The Case of Mass Effect 3’s FemShep
BySilvia Pettini

Gender in video games has been a topic on the media radar for decades. In particular, women’s stereotyped and hypersexualized underrepresentation (Cunningham 2012: 407–409) has provided game studies scholars with ample opportunities for significant contributions (Consalvo 2012: 245–246). On the contrary, the linguistic and textual dimension of gender issues is still an underexplored area in game localization research (O’Hagan and Mangiron 2013; Bernal-Merino 2014). This chapter attempts a preliminary examination of the gender-related challenges language professionals must deal with in game localization and focuses on the translation from English into Italian of Mass Effect 3 (Electronic Arts 2012).