chapter  7
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Migrants in Translation

A Corpus-Based Approach to the Representation of Migrants by Four News Broadcasting Channels
ByGaia Aragrande

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, the migration crisis in 2015 brought to Europe more than one million people. Therefore, migration has been a hotly debated topic in the media across Europe. This chapter analyzes how migrants were reported about in four broadcasting channels (Rai Uno, Rainews24, BBC One and Euronews), trying to pinpoint translational interventions and understand the role of translation in international journalism. We will provide a contextual analysis of the 2015 migration crisis; then we will analyze the newscasts, which were recorded during two different time windows, 9–22 February and 6–16 August 2015. The analysis follows a mixed methodology which combines aspects of corpus linguistics to extract data and contextual information from the texts, and adopts features of critical discourse analysis to broaden the context from words and clusters to sentence and above-sentence level in an attempt to identify the trends in representation.