chapter  1
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IoT-Enabled Vision System for Detection of Tint Level

ByGanesan Kaliyaperumal

This chapter proposes a video-based automatic technique that will not only identify the vehicle but also estimate the visual light transmission (VLT) percentage. If the VLT level is below the prescribed limi, then the envisaged system will automatically identify the vehicle number plate. Then the identified vehicle registration number will be searched in the appropriate database to locate the violator's contact details. Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT), the proposed system not only identifies the tint level violation but also provides documentary evidence and communicates the same to the relevant person. The vehicle tint location can be easily obtained for different class of vehicles. Once the vehicle class/type is extracted, then one can extract the windshield/window tint area of the vehicle and on this cropped area they apply the following three basic techniques of tint detection, namely contour detection, histogram analysis, and color segmentation.