chapter  10
22 Pages

Review on Communication Security Issues in IoT Medical Devices

ByR. Somasundaram, Mythili Thirugnanam

The overall aim of this chapter is to provide new security solutions as a recommendation to strengthen communication security. The chapter reviews several security issues like mutual authentication issue, sinkhole attack, third-party intrusion, target routing, and spoofing, as well as device constraints such as less battery power, less memory capacity, and less processing capacity. In Internet of things (IoT) medical device communication, all the security issues identified can be vulnerable to trustworthiness, or lack thereof, of the system. Standards are essential certification for IoT medical devices and communication protocols. The chapter discusses many standards associated with medical devices. Standards provide concrete support to the good security of the medical devices. The chapter gives new security solutions as recommendations that can be used to provide reasonable guidance to IoT device communication development in future.