chapter  11
24 Pages

IoT Challenges: Security

ByNeha Golani, Rajkumar Rajasekaran

The developers and users of Internet of Things (IoT) systems and devices bear a collective obligation to ensure that IoT systems and devices do not make the Internet and other users vulnerable to any potential harm. This chapter proposes a novel network secure framework that can be adapted to the future IoT and finally gives details for the security verification system design. This framework should focus on enhancing the efficacy, dependability, accountability, and regulation in the overall structure that checks the security issues. The chapter discusses the structuring of a security authentication system in the field of IoT. It presents the factors that pose a threat to the IoT security. These include Unprotected Network services, Cloud, mobile and an absence of security configuration. The chapter illustrates the essential components of IoT security and lists the potential challenges in terms of IoT security. It also discusses the concepts representing the risks that increase the probability of intrusions in the IoT devices.