chapter  12
30 Pages

Non-Physician Primary Healthcare Workers: Making Wearable Computational Devices and Electronic Health Records Work for Them

ByKatpadi Varadarajan Arulalan, Vijai Shankar Raja

This chapter discusses the scope for paramedical workers, barriers, challenges, and the road ahead for use of wearable computational devices and electronic health records (EHRs). It explains the objective of the relationship between the patient, physician, and the paramedical worker. The chapter explains the role of continuous temperature measurement in the community by paramedical workers. It discusses the essential phases to occur in Internet of Things (IoT) to succeed in healthcare industry. The chapter illustrates the problems faced with wearable devices in health care and lists the best practices for usage of EHRs. EHR usage requires the presence of trained users, system facilities, support from others, and numerous organizational and environment facilitators. The continuously monitored health data can be interpreted by the system in the same way for the physician to alert the patients before they could end up with a major health risk.