chapter  13
30 Pages

Semantic Technologies for IoT

ByViswanathan Vadivel, Shridevi Subramanian

This chapter introduces the key concepts in the semantic technology domain and key business applications in Internet of Things (IoT). It covers the emerging ontologies such as semantic sensor networks (SSN) and IoT and the impact they will have on IoT smart solutions and future collaborative interoperable applications. Ontologies and alternative semantic technologies are often key enabling technologies for sensor networks, as they facilitate semantic interoperability and integration, reasoning, classification, different kinds of assurance, and automation not addressed within the OGC standards. Semantic sensor networks work on the interoperability of physical sensor networks to ease the sensor discovery. The chapter examines evolving standards and consortiums that were instigated to advance standardization work and interoperability of IoT. It presents final remarks using a case study and guidelines to encourage readers to innovate and build differentiated solution that contributes toward refining the quality of lives and smart business practices in the domain of IoT.