chapter  14
32 Pages

Applications of IoT to Address the Issues of Children Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders

ByHrudaya Kumar Tripathy, B.K. Tripathy

This chapter begins with an outline of children with special needs and an initial discourse of how modern information technology with smart environment creates a funnel for providing education and for enhancing the quality of life of children with autism. It focuses on the role of Internet of things (IoT) in promoting the learning/teaching of children with special needs. The chapter describes how particular IoT applications and devices make it possible for autistic children to learn in a regular manner together with their normal, healthy companions' environment. It concentrates especially on gadgets and applications that specifically provide an interface between autistic children and the technical methodologies. The chapter focuses on the different functionalities of IoT solutions. It emphasizes the prospective benefits of the IoT serving as a means of distributing services and improving the value of living of autistic children and supporting their families.