chapter  3
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Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence: A New Road to the Future Digital World

ByMrutyunjaya Panda, B.K. Tripathy

Deep learning is an emerging field in artificial Intelligence (AI) which can address the challenges posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) datasets and is considered to have widespread applications in the future digital world. This chapter focuses to answer the following in an IoT scenario based on deep learning: the intuitive deep learning applications in smart city datasets, and the performance metrics used for better prediction that carry an intuitive component. As we move toward the highly connected digital world, everything or anything goes smart with the use of small lightweight sensors with distributed intelligence; a huge amount of data is being collected from such networked devices, which poses real-time challenges in dealing with them for better insights and making corrective action thereto. IoT combined with AI may be thought of as a viable solution to address the issue at large and help to uncover the hidden information from the data, for intelligent decision-making.