chapter  4
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Technical and Societal Challenges: Examining the Profound Impacts of IoT

ByP.B. Pankajavalli

Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers the possibility to reach out in all market segments and transform all fields by increasing the availability of information using networked sensors. However, IoT raises many issues and challenges that need to be considered and addressed in order to realize the potential benefits of IoT. This chapter explores ways and challenges faced in integrating IoT with sensor networks. The prospects and benefits of IoT on the global scenario places various challenges related to technical and societal factors. Number of potential challenges, specifically in the area of standardization, interoperability, legal rights, protection, and privacy, have to be considered and addressed for the benefit of people, society, and economy. Overcoming these challenges in industry and academia will be a prevailing approach for network and communication research to ensure that IoT is a powerful driving force in the future.