chapter  5
22 Pages

Evolution of Social IoT World: Security Issues and Research Challenges

ByG.K. Panda, B.K. Tripathy, M.K. Padhi

The emergence of social network data analytics, link prediction, community grouping, recommendation systems, and sentiment analysis, with Internet of Things (IoT) raises significant challenges that could stand in the way of realizing its potential benefits. This chapter presents the basics of IoT and its technological evolutions, and discusses the basic concepts of social networking and its popularity. It describes the emergence of social network analytics into IoT. The overall security and resilience of the social IoT (SIoT) is a function of how security risks are assessed and managed at the object level, during data communication, and at the level of analysis. The chapter also discusses various security issues and research challenges pertaining to IoT, social network and SIoT. It exploits information in terms of questionnaires and references for further research and development applications. Finally, the chapter focuses on pro-business and pro-people SIoT services.