chapter  8
28 Pages

Aspects of Ambient Assisted Living and Its Applications

ByJ. Anuradha, S. Vandhana

This chapter focuses on how Internet of Things (IoT) devices are used for assisted living. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) consists of technical systems, infrastructure, and services to support elderly people to have an independent lifestyle through seamless integration of automated home appliances and its communicating devices. The goal of the activity classification is to develop classifiers to recognize human activities and exercises. Area tracking is an imperative segment of a teleobserving framework, particularly for people with any shade of dysfunctional behavior or dementia, for example, Alzheimer sickness. AAL has a lot of solutions ranging from a small requirement like BP monitoring to critical health care. Some of the applications on assisted living: Temperature, blood pressure, diabetes, oxygen, calorie recording, and monitoring system. AAL is a boon of technology for the elderly that can support their life. It makes their life hassle-free, easy, simple, and sophisticated giving them much needed confidence and happiness.