chapter  9
22 Pages

Naming Services in the Internet of Things

ByT.R. Sooraj, R.K. Mohanty, B.K. Tripathy

This chapter discusses the functional and performance requirements of Internet of Things (IoT) name services. Functional requirement means the functionality and services that a system should provide. Nonfunctional requirements include the constraints on the system functionality such as performance, quality, safety, etc. The chapter identifies the following high-level functional, scalability, performance, and robustness requirements of an IoT name service. It briefly discusses the role of naming service and the high-level requirements of the name service. The chapter also discusses naming, addressing, and profile server (NAPS), which is a middleware to support device naming, application addressing, and profile storage and lookup services in Internet of Things (IoT) environments. Earlier approaches are only focusing on specific standard/protocol, but the NAPS works in any platform. The chapter further briefly discusses its complete design including its functionalities, system flows, interfaces, etc.