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Food and Nutrition Innovation in the Context of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

WithRoseanna Avento

Background The combination of indigenous knowledge on underutilized and local food plants with information on consumer markets, regulations, and entrepreneurship can give rise to new food products that support community development and benefit health and nutrition. Workshops held in Peru, Finland, Kenya, and South Africa brought together stakeholders, including consumers, researchers, business and legal experts, and potential entrepreneurs to brainstorm and test new products in a process of co-creation. Participants reported gaining knowledge and feeling more comfortable with the process of innovation, and some proceeded to development of products for market as a result of the workshops.

Relevance Institutions of higher learning can be suitable organizers and facilitators of such processes due to their role in implementing interdisciplinary work and communicating with a variety of communities. For best results, it is necessary that the agenda, goals, and suitable partnerships be determined in advance.262