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The State of Traditional Leadership in South Africa from Colonialism and Apartheid to Democracy

WithMothusiotsile E. Maditsi, David R. Katerere, Philip F. Iya

This chapter argues that many people, especially those residing in rural communities, have confidence in traditional leaders and view their institution as relevant even in modern times. It aims to develop capacity building for traditional leaders in order to equip them with necessary governance, administrative, and legal knowledge and skills. The chapter explores the status and role of the institution of traditional leadership in modern, democratic, and constitutional South Africa. It seeks to analyze contemporary problems such as the negative impact of legislation and policies towards traditional leadership and the undefined role that traditional leaders have to play in governance. The literature reveals information on the emergence of traditional leaders and the institution of traditional leadership and how these institutions have transformed over the years. In order for the institution of traditional leadership to be regulated in Bophuthatswana, the Bophuthatswana Traditional Authorities Act was introduced.