chapter  11
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Recognition and enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitral awards in the Middle East

WithGordon Blanke

This chapter discusses in some detail the practice and procedure of the enforcement of domestic and foreign commercial and investment arbitration awards in the construction sector in the Middle East. It considers to these various facets of enforcement across jurisdictions in the Middle East in the hope to dissipate the common misperception that the enforcement of arbitration awards in that part of the world is unpredictable and fraught with insurmountable procedural difficulties. The chapter explores the regime in place for the enforcement of International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and non-ICSID awards in the Middle East taking account in particular of the significant practical interest this topic has raised in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. In most Middle Eastern jurisdictions, the recognition and enforcement of domestic arbitral awards takes the form of a so-called ratification or validation process.