chapter  5
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Facing the vulnerabilities of a medieval cathedral

WithPer Schjelderup

This chapter presents the complex challenges to be dealt with ahead of the comprehensive restoration of a medieval cathedral due to take many years. The known history of Stavanger Cathedral goes back to 1125, when King Sigurd Jorsalfare appointed Reynald from Winchester as bishop of the new diocese of Stavanger. When local politicians realized that Stavanger's nine-hundredth anniversary was approaching, one of the goals set out was that the cathedral should be fully restored and "shining" for the jubilee. The main objective in making the restoration plan was to establish a solid basis for priorities, management and cost calculations of the various restoration works needed, thereby giving detailed definition to the bold political ambitions. Restoring a medieval cathedral obviously involves working in compliance with cultural heritage legislation, or rather under stringent restrictions that follow a heritage listing. Cultural factors of vulnerability need to be taken into consideration when medieval cathedral is expected to meet the demands of a modern society.