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Balancing top-down and shared leadership

A case study of a Teacher Design Team in transition to a new approach
ByFloor Binkhorst

Teacher Design Teams (TDTs) are networks in which secondary school teachers from various schools collaborate to (re)design innovative educational materials. TDTs can contribute to teachers' professional growth and to the successful implementation of educational reforms. This chapter describes a case study of a TDT made up of chemistry teachers, which was monitored for two consecutive years. It provides a brief introduction to the concept of TDTs and some background information about this specific case. The chapter also describes the TDT's operations in the 2014–2015 school years, with a focus on: the participants and structure, the steps in the process, the team goal, the activities performed, the leadership style and the perceived outcomes of the TDT. It explains why the TDT needed to make a transition to a new approach. The chapter describes the TDT's operations in the 2015–2016 school years, when it used the new approach.