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Developing Communities of Pedagogical Inquiry in British Columbia

ByLeyton Schnellert, Paige Fisher, Kathy Sanford

This chapter focuses on an inquiry-oriented and multi-partner approach to teacher education and teacher professional learning created to inspire and support transformational change. For example, for one meeting, Professional Learning Network (PLN) members identified approaches to teaching and learning that empowered both students and teachers to bring their diverse funds of knowledge within inquiry-oriented, learning and teaching. The chapter describes the formation of and interactions between three regional PLNs empowered educators to re-imagine and redesign practices and structures across institutions, roles and regions in British Columbia. It describes the membership and overall structure and purpose of the Three Campus Communities of Pedagogical Inquiry Project. The chapter illustrates the processes and impact of local learning networks. Analysis of data collected from semi-structured interviews and artifacts is used to illustrate the processes and impact of the learning networks. The chapter presents the themes across the regional networks.