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A professional learning network for the entire local education system

Educational landscapes in Germany
ByPierre Tulowitzki, Anika Duveneck, Michael Krüger

This chapter explains the notion of an educational landscape that is very popular in Germany and attempts to link it to the knowledge on Professional Learning Networks. Therefore, the term local educational landscape was used to describe a functioning network of the individual educational actors and institutions. Additionally, the adjective local shows the decisive part of municipal authorities in the concept. The chapter compares educational landscapes and Professional Learning Networks. Compared to the term Professional Learning Networks, which often focuses on teachers working together with various agents and institutions, the term local educational landscape encompasses the idea of a comprehensive cooperation between schools, non-formal learning organizations and political actors. Over the course of the 'new public management' and independently of the professionalization debates in the extracurricular youth work, municipalities (re-) discovered education as a competitive location factor.