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A lesson study professional learning network in secondary education

BySiebrich de Vries, Rilana Prenger

In this chapter, the authors focus on a specific type of a Professional Learning Network: a Lesson Study Professional Learning Network (PLN). Lesson Study is a specific approach for teacher learning that originated in Japan and was introduced in the Netherlands. The authors explore the potential of networked Lesson Study for the Dutch context. However promising a new professional development initiative might be theoretically and empirically, the application of Lesson Study in the Dutch context is not self-evident. A first objective of the PLN was to improve teacher’s instructional behaviors, in particular, the more complex behaviors such as getting students to be active and differentiating between them. This appeared to be problematic for many teachers in Dutch secondary education. The authors provide in-depth insight into the process and outcomes of a cross-school team of teachers working on the same goal.