chapter  2
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Community building in Beijing

ByYean Wang, Huan Zhang, Ziyu Liu

In recent years, through government procurement of services from social sectors, Beijing local governments and administrative departments have not only become more and more proficient in promoting community-building work, but also discovered more innovative ways in the progress. As one innovation, the comprehensive pilot of “three clubs linked” in Beijing has achieved remarkable success, and has made an innovative exploration of ways to promote community-building by deeply exploring how to promote community-building through the purchase of services by government, by fully sorting out an interactive mechanism based in the communities between the government, professional social workers, and community residents, and by well developing a practical model for “professional governance.” The “three clubs linked” not only enriches the practice of community-building in Beijing, but has also explored a way of promoting community building by making better use of multiple parties. It could possibly lead Chinese community-building to a new pathway.