chapter  3
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Integrated family services in Guangzhou

ByWei Lu, Tian Cai

In 2008, the first group of family integrated service centers were funded and built by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. A strict bidding procedure was implemented, and social work service agencies were selected to undertake specific social work services to residents. According to the government’s purchase service agreement, social workers set up a service team dominated by professional social workers and a relatively stable community volunteer team. The family integrated service centers are based on services for families, adolescents, elders, and other key groups. According to the actual situation of population, environment, and economic development in communities, the service projects are required to continuously expand. This chapter is a summary for 8 years’ development of these centers. The history of policy launching and the status till 2016 would be specifically elaborated. Furthermore, problems during the process and solutions are also analyzed in comprehensive dimensions as in practice area.