chapter  4
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Drug rehabilitation services in Shenzhen

Affect in relation
ByXiaofeng Li, Jiapeng Lin

With the influence of Western welfare pluralism springing up in the late 1970s, Chinese government had also initiated welfare socialization reform, therefore, the government’s purchasing service emerged at this moment. Facing the severe and complicated drug prohibition situation, specialized social work, as the significant role, was successively put into practice in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Taking the example of the development of Shenzhen drug prohibition social work, this chapter presents the background, operation mode, and practical situation of the government’s purchasing drug prohibition service. It concludes with the native experience and shows that Shenzhen’s drug prohibition service is rapidly developing. Shenzhen’s drug prohibition social work has formed an elementary practical mode, which should pay attention to the transformation from quantity to quality about drug prohibition service. Also, it needs to continuously promote the standardization and elaboration of the drug prohibition service at the same time.