chapter  7
17 Pages

Services for migrant workers in Jinhua

ByXiao Li

This chapter introduces the social service system, services for migrant workers and a social service contract program in Jinhua, Zhejiang. This chapter provides insights into how social contracting is implemented in local context. A case study was conducted to examine the operational process of Jinhua Venture Philanthropy Project, as well as the implementation and effects of two programs for children of migrant workers funded by the Project. The findings reveal these two contracting agencies provided services to the children of migrant workers, which merely fills the gap in the government social service system in Jinhua. The government department is most interested in learning the implementation of service contracting. The concern on the quality and outcomes of services is secondary. Jinhua local social service agencies faces the dilemma between pursuing providing high-quality services and meeting the requirements of their contract with the government.