chapter  8
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Probation services in Shanghai

ByFang Zhao

Community correction is an important legal system in China. It is led and funded by the government, operated independently by social organizations and provides direct services by social workers. Since its implementation in 2003, it has achieved a good outcome after being fully promoted in Shanghai. However, there are also some problems: (1) contradictions between justice administration system and professional services; (2) social organization has little autonomy; (3) the social worker’s professional role is not clear; (4) high turnout rate among professional social workers. It is hoped that in the future more professionalization and specialization can be promoted in community correction to respond to the needs of the service recipients by means of: (1) clear definition of the correctional social worker’s role and position; (2) promotion of autonomous operation of professional organizations; (3) emphasis on the establishment of third-party evaluation; (4) underlining the cultivation and supervision of professionals; (5) exploration and development of community correction programs tailored for local situations.