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can't-he has a wife." Yoko blew a puff of smoke at the blue lights ....

overhead. Yoko. Yoko looked up, challenging Tagawa's sympathetic gaze. "You'll never understand why a woman goes out with a married man. But just Here are needles and thread. See? Not just black and white---l have navy blue, brown, and every kind from cotton to nylon . Three kinds spare buttons. I replace all the men's lost buttons and mend the rips in their clothes. I even keep an iron in my desk at the office." Poking in her pocketbook the way a child searches her toy box, Yoko started lining up all sorts of paraphernalia on the table. Then she produced a dozen
Withdoes she wear such heavy makeup? Tagawa's eyes were fastened on

Misako. For one thing, he had taken his first step on the executive track. But he understood now that Yoko had changed even more, much more than he could imagine.

"Mr. Saeki," Yoko began with a grin and a slight shrug of her shoulders, "reminds me of you."