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of his feelings of communion.

When Minamata disease first appeared, he was a taxi driver in the city. In the midst of that uproar he drove all over the place, giving rides to people who poured into town from all over the country-reporters, officials from the Welfare Ministry or the Ministry of Such-and-Such, Congressional Representatives, and

The accuracy of certain statistics has been called into question. These statistics indicate a higher rate of concentration of congenital cerebral palsy among the children born in fishermen's households between 1954 and 1959 in those villages where Minamata disease had already appeared. However, in January of 1962 the Minamata disease Investigation Committee reported that seventeen children were afflicted with congenital Minamata disease. At the end of March of 1964 they reported the names of six or more children, bringing the total to twenty-three in all. These children were invaded with mercury poisoning while they were still in their mothers' wombs and came into this world enduring its affliction.