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of his right hand

what are we going to do?" The boy didn't turn around, and twisted the dial violently. A baseball game was on. Mr. Yomogi, who was used to the way the boy acted, turned noncha- lantly towards his mother, and talked in a loud voice. Kuhei can hear very well. "It's better to take the medical exam today. It looks like the condolence payments from the company might go up, even though they're next to nothing.

There was a roar from the baseball game on the radio. Kuhei muttered something but I couldn't catch what he said.

His mother spoke again. "It seems that there's this guy named Shibata who can run really fast. He gets

all excited when Shibata runs. You know baseball is the only thing he enjoys." Mr. Yomogi picked up the thread of her conversation. "Oh yes, Shibata. He really runs fast. They say he runs just like a deer. Kuhei,

what do you think ofNagashima*?" There was a lot of static on the radio. The boy rocked back and forth, as

though the radio were the only thing he could hear, and turned the dial violently. Another popular song. The program was a singing competition. Mr. Yomogi hung in there. The song was over. And then Mr. Yomogi, the official from the Health Department, suddenly stood up and said, "Kuhei, why don't you come along with me and get on the bus."