chapter  7
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The Birth

Movement in the 1970s In 1970, when the radical student movement known as the Zenkyoto movement was retreating, a new women's movement sprang up amidst jeering by media and antipathy from all other quarters of the male-dominated Japanese society. It also startled and enraged most of the women's movement establishment with an iconoclastic appeal to which they had never been exposed-liberation of
WithMuto Ichiyo

Matsui Yayori, a prominent feminist journalist who was a member of WOLF (Women's Liberation Front), one of numerous Lib groups that mushroomed around 1970, recalls that reading American feminist books and articles came as an eye-opener to the nature of sexist Japanese society, putting in a solid, coherent context what had been felt keenly in daily life but had not been conceptually crystallized. "It was like reading Capital and beginning to see capitalism in an entirely different light."2